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Comprehensive analysis of Covid and Long Covid driving mechanisms and Protocols for the management of these severe multisystemic condition

(Presented at the 1st Global Summit 11-15th November, DFW)

I will start with a viral entry and replication mechanisms, because this virus is not very well known to most doctors and so, I want to build the bridge between symptoms, conditions and then intricate delicate and detailed pathways.


So here you see a flowchart that we developed, where you see the six phases of COVID  conditions starting on the upper left with the viral phase hypersensitivity hyperinflammation, hypercoagulation and then leading on the right side to organ damages ,epigenetic dysregulation, cancers metabolic disorders, autoimmune and other conditions. SARS-CoV-2 is constantly shape-shifting and adapting, and building new variants so it’s very important to take into account all different ways of cell surface entry or Cell fusion mechanisms and replication mechanisms in order to stop the replication of this virus in the organism. So you see first virus proteases, as a main target on the virus itself,  then the two big entry mechanisms and ensemble entry, and cell surface entry, force also is the SARS-CoV-2 acting as a bacteriophage and then we have filopodia formation, tunnelling, nanotubes and Syncytia formation.


The SARS-COV-2 proteases as drug targets: we have been considering that in the formulation development for Vedicinals9 from the beginning and of course with the main focus on the 3CL main protease of SARS-CoV-2. As an additional benefit it showed that most of the molecules are able to inhibit also other proteases, which are shown on this list. On this slide, you can see the two major entry mechanisms for SARS-CoV-2, the endosomal entry and the cell surface entry which each require a different strategy of stopping entry and replication, and it is important to cover both of them, because the virus can shift between those two or even use both of them simultaneously in SARS-CoV-2 infections. Dr McMillan has rightfully pointed out that at the moment we’re looking at the endosomal entry mechanism and that hydroxychloroquine can be used here or any other uniform drug and that is a valid idea, but we do see already a shift back to cell surface entry in some variants, so it’s actually important to cover all of this. The Selective pressure on SARS-CoV-2 and Omicron has led to now more than 3 000 different variants that are documented. These variants are antibody evasive and that’s one of the main reasons for these mutations, but on the other hand also each mutation or variant will enable the virus to dock to other host cell receptors.  These are the most common ones.  On this slide you see the selection of the nine molecules we are using in our formulation which by now are confirmed by Third parties all over the world and from many different publications as top champions in viral inhibition and many other Pathways related to COVID-19. So virus that is mutating at this rate, you have to be anticipating that it will go to host cell receptors that were reported on earlier coronaviruses, and that is what we did here, and you see that these are the hostcell receptors, where we have a lot of documentation that these molecules can block them from viral entry. 

 In addition to target the virus proteases and the host cell receptors also necessary to inhibit diffusion enzymes especially furin because SARS-CoV-2  is as a special feature has a foreign cleavage site which other coronaviruses don’t have developed to this extent and that’s what makes SARS -CoV-2 so infectious. So inhibiting furin, TMPRSS-2 , endocytosis and other mechanisms, as well as well documented and on the bottom, you see the zinc ionophore, properties of these molecules are very similar to hydroxychloroquine. 

Let us now have a closer look at the different body regions and organ tissues where SARS-CoV-2 is able to invade and infect them directly Omicron or any other SARS-CoV-2 virus and or the spike protein can get directly into these cells and create a lot of problems, especially endothelytis, endothelial inflammation, which can cause then as a secondary condition, lead to thrombosis and also hypertension. So the list of conditions resulting from this direct infection is very long. Here we can see some pictures of a direct infection of cardiomyocytes. Same happens also in myocardium tissue and this is,  of course, a very worrisome because it can lead to myocarditis, cardiac arrest and many other damages, directly to the heart, which need to be prevented at all costs. Because the heart muscle cannot be restored so easily if at all. Here we see direct infection of lymph nodes and spleens, which of course is in the core of the of the immune system and not very beneficial, to say the least. 

 Another very delicate reason, of course, is the brain and central nervous system. Here we can see evidence that SARS-CoV-2 and Omicron and Spike protein can again  directly infect or invade neurons, neuronal tissue and this can and will lead to NeuroCOVID, or postcard non-covered conditions. So, if you can observe brain fog, it doesn’t mean that it can only be a temporary thing. We have a large amount of evidence pointing into the direction of development of severe neurological diseases resulting from SARS-CoV-2 infection . So not only the endothelium in the lungs, and in the respiratory system are being directly infected, but also the same happens in the gut and the intestines, which will of course lead there to an inflammation and inflammatory state. Additionally, it will cause the tight junctions to be impaired and cause the so-called leaky gut syndrome, which in connection to the next slide I’m going to show will be even more worrisome. Dr Carlo Brogna,  from Italy ,one of our collaborators, was the first one to document and prove that SARS-CoV-2 can infect our own gut bacteria and cause a lot of inflammation, and release of toxins in the intestines, as a result.  plus these bacteria are working now and serving as a reservoir for the SARS-CoV-2 and especially are suspect for viral persistence. The direct infection of gut bacteria will lead to dysbiosis and especially a depletion of butyrate producing gut bacteria, which again, has another consequence and that is the metabolization of amino acids as precursors for neurotransmitters, and an interruption of the tryptophan pathways from the gut. Dr Brogna has developed a treatment protocol, which we would show later and at the end of this section of antivirals. 

5th of November, 2022

We are delighted to take part at the 1st Global Summit for Health Care organised by Doctors Federation for the World, which will take place on 11th- 15th of November 2022.  Joachim Gerlach will be taking about the comprehensive analysis of disease pathways and protocols for the management of severe and multi-systemic conditions arising in covid-19 and spike protein illnesses and long COVID. 

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I’m happy to be speaking at the doctors Federation for the world global Summit on November 11th September 15th and my topic will be the comprehensive analysis of disease pathways and protocols for the management of severe and multi-systemic conditions arising in covid-19 and spike protein illnesses and long COVID.

I’m part of the long COVID Coalition group, where we are collaborating in research in development of treatment protocols, organizing conferences and also publishing peer-reviewed papers, coming up with solutions for all these millions of COVID patients and  people with Long COVID, suffering from these kind of conditions.


In my presentation I will start with a viral entry and replication mechanisms because this virus is not very well known to most doctors and so I want to build the bridge between symptoms, conditions and then intricate delicate and detailed Pathways. So here you see a flowchart that we have developed. In the diagram, you see the six phases of corporate conditions starting on the upper left with the viral phase, hypersensitivity, hyperinflammation, hypercoagulation and then leading on the right side to organ damages, epigenetic dysregulation, cancers, metabolic disorders, autoimmune and other conditions. You probably have seen some of the pictures that I will show and slides in the presentation showing the direct infection of many different organ systems and another intricate behavior of this virus infecting our gut bacteria, replicating and using them as a reservoir. 

Not very well-known factor is filopodia and TNTs developing between the cells, where the virus can travel and replicate and use these tunnels to spread through the organism. This is the protocol that we have developed. It’s not everything on here, but most of the, let’s say, the common denominators that we could find in natural molecules – our own product plus a very long list of other dietary supplements, given that they have the right bioavailability, they can help in all these conditions.


On the left you can see the molecules we are using in our formulation, which have all been extensively researched and documented: on the efficacy on antiviral properties ranging everywhere from viral proteases inhibition to whole receptor blocking, all the fusion enzymes and intracellular replication mechanisms that can be covered with these molecules were very successful.


 I will talk now about immunodeficiency and immune suppression that occurs in COVID conditions and Spike protein illness. This means that our own immune cells are being infected, as you can see on these slides, and are being impaired in their function. Documentation on that that is currently under peer review paper that has been written by our group on the immune suppression and the conundrum that you have immune deficiency and autoimmune disease occurring at the same time. Out of this immunodeficiency we can now observe one of the biggest problems that we can see for this next winter is that the patients are not only getting reinfected with COVID or Omicron but that you see the strong rise of flu, RSV and respiratory viruses. Many hospitals in the US, for example, are filled up – especially with children suffering from opportunistic infections. How that works we show here on various slides in my presentation. There is even synergistic between RSV and influenza A viruses. We think that it is due to the immunodeficiency in the population through repeated Omicron infection and exposure to spike protein.


Here you see what we have been working on over the past two years not only in preventing COVID and infections, but also on other opportunistic infections ranging from bacteria  all the way to Borreliosis, candida , fungi , retroviruses,  herpes, Epstein-Barr, cytological virus and other pathogens that can come in the slipstream of covid. We are also investigating other supplements and treatment options. In our group, we mainly concentrate on nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

The next result of immunodeficiency and a secondary mechanism in COVID is the development of cancer, which we highlight here in several slides and it will be part of our presentation to show how it comes about. We have documented so many cancer cases at the moment, so this is clearly a link between immediate deficiency. Immune system cannot control the cancer and you  have a carcinogenic mechanisms leading to cancer being caused by the Spike protein or by coping conditions. Again we are using phenolic compounds and natural molecules in stopping the disease progression and as a prophylactic measure.


There is another group from the UK Sydney working with our formulation investigating the potency against cancer development and the possibility to stop cancer progression with these natural molecules.


 Another bigger field that we can observe today is thrombosis microclotting and strokes, all have been reported multiple times from all angles all over the world. We are going to take a very deep dive in how do these zombies form and what is the fiber formation caused by.


We have also another paper in peer review on that, where we are shining a light on the amyloid beta formation that plays together with neutrophil elastase and Spike protein. We can see that the same mechanisms are played in Long COVID and we have just published a paper on underlying causes and treatment modalities for neurological deficits in covid-19 and Long COVID and this is a peer-reviewed publication, where we are going into deeper details of one of the main mechanisms of thrombi formation. As you can see here, the amyloid formation is not only causative for the development of thrombi and micro clotting, it’s also causative in neurodegenerative disease so we can see here the same microscopic pictures of coronaviruses in the CSF leading to this fiber formation and these fibers are not easy to disaggregate and that’s one of the biggest challenges is now also to stop these kinds of conditions from progressing and developing further. As you can see here, the Spike directly infects our brain cells in manifold manners and leads to organ damages the next section of organ damages we will shine light on are going to be cardiovascular and myocardial damages, which again can lead to Cardiac Arrest or heart attacks, and also fuel into the thrombosis development.


Another topic of course is a hyperinflammation and hypersensitivity reactions resulting in covid-19 and Spike protein conditions. Also here we show a lot of results of different treatment protocols and how they can tackle this kind of problems, protection of organs and also the restoring lung functions that you can even observe under the lung X-ray with a very rapid progression to healing.


Additionally, here you can see another trial we did on artificially induced heart attack and on the left side you see untreated heart muscle tissue under the microscope and on the right side you see treated animals. It is seen a very big difference in how well these protocols can protect the tissue of the heart myocardial tissue.

I’m very happy to see you at the Doctor’s Federation for the world Summit from November 11th till November 15th thank you for your attention. 


Register for the event here: https://doctorsfederationfortheworld.org/



Interviews and Research Deliverables

Research Publications 

1. Underlying Causes and Treatment Modalities for Neurological Deficits in COVID-19 and Long-COVID (ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 2022)

 Abdul Mannan Baig,* Nigel H. Greig, Joachim Gerlach, Prakash Salunke, Mark Fabrowski, Valentina Viduto, and Tazeen Ali

Abstract: With reports of diverse neurological deficits in the acute phase of COVID-19, there is a surge in neurological findings in Long-COVID─a protracted phase of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Very little is known regarding the pathogenic mechanisms of Neuro-COVID in the above two settings in the current pandemic. Herein, we hint toward the possible molecular mechanism that can contribute to the signs and symptoms of patients with neurological deficits and possible treatment and prevention modalities in the acute and chronic phases of COVID-19.

Read more: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/acschemneuro.2c00482


2. The Immune Paradox of SARS-COV-2: Lymphocytopenia and Autoimmunity Evoking Features in COVID-19 and Possible Treatment Modalities (Reviews in Medical Virology) 
Baig, Abdul Mannan; Gerlach, Joachim; Fabrowski, Mark; Viduto, Valentina




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